domingo, 16 de dezembro de 2012

EMC Corp Technical Analysis 14 December of 2012


I was asked to do a analysis about the EMC corp Stock, and this is my effort to find the short term path of the stock, which is not te most favorable to the long side.

The stock is just above the trend line that was started in november of 2008, which means that the stock will break a support with 4 years and several touches, a very strong one indeed.

The breakage of this support in my view can take te sotck in a pessimist look to the 15 USD's, but in a more optimistic view the 20,20USD's  support can do the trick and hold down the stock.

In a positive side, if in the next days the first support, the trend line that begins in 2008, inflicts a reaction on the stock, we may have a breath of air to the EMC stock, and see it test the 25,56 USD's again.

I leave the video here, for your analysis.


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