domingo, 6 de janeiro de 2013

Technical Analysis for the major Stock Indexes

This is my opinion on the major stock indexes for the week that starts now. In my opinion almost all of the indexes, mainly the american, German and English ones, are reaching a point where the top obtained before the crisis is reached, and a reversal point can occur. In an optismistic point of view we will see in the next weeks the continuancy of growth to the main indexes.

Please find out bellow the video wit my analysis, on the indexes.

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sexta-feira, 4 de janeiro de 2013

DOW, NASDAQ and S&P technical Analysis 03/01/0213


The 2nd of January was an excepcional day in the international Stock Markets, due to the agreement on the fical cliff, fact largely know by the market. 

Due to the employment numbers the market yesterday stalled a little, but also due to a horizontal resistance, like que one you can see in the image bellow, where the S&P hits the 1.465 points resistance, and it holds.

This can mean that there is an attempt of the market to aliviate its indicators and oscilators, as you also can see on the image bellow, maily the Stochastic, th RSI an the MACD.

What for me is very important is that the 12 day moving average ( blue curve line, with brown segments ) supports the movement, this fact by its own means that the rizing movement started in November is still active, and our stop should accompany this indicator.

So, the S&P has the following important points:
1) Resistance ( nearer ) - 1.465 points
2) Resistance ( next ) - 1.527 points
3) Support ( nearer ) - 1.427 points
4) Support ( next ) - 1405 points

For the Nasdaq we have:
1) Resistance ( nearer ) -3.134 points
2) Support ( nearer ) - 3.055 points

And finally for the Dow Jones, we have the following:
1) Resistance ( nearer ) - 13.600 points
2) Support ( nearer ) 13.280 points

Keep this lines under notice, if you want to trade the long or short, because they will give the market important decision points that can be used.

terça-feira, 1 de janeiro de 2013

Major Indexes, the 2013 preview


For starters i want to give you all a fresh welcome to 2013, and i hope that you all have a very nice year with everything you hope for.

Concerning the Indexes, I have focused this analysis on the following:
  1. CAC 40 Index
  2. DAX
  3. Dow Jones Industrial
  4. FTSE 100
  5. IBEX-35
  7. NIKKEI 225
  8. S&P 500
 In most of this indexes what we can see in the monthly graph, is that we are almost reaching the top before the world crisis in October of the year 2007, most of the indexes are respecting the same ascendent line that is being designed since 2009, configuring a bull market since than.

The american indexes are aproaching the ascendent line, and hopefully with the "solved" fiscal cliff issue, there will be a new rebound on the line, and we may see in the first quarter a break on the previous top in 2007.