terça-feira, 1 de janeiro de 2013

Major Indexes, the 2013 preview


For starters i want to give you all a fresh welcome to 2013, and i hope that you all have a very nice year with everything you hope for.

Concerning the Indexes, I have focused this analysis on the following:
  1. CAC 40 Index
  2. DAX
  3. Dow Jones Industrial
  4. FTSE 100
  5. IBEX-35
  7. NIKKEI 225
  8. S&P 500
 In most of this indexes what we can see in the monthly graph, is that we are almost reaching the top before the world crisis in October of the year 2007, most of the indexes are respecting the same ascendent line that is being designed since 2009, configuring a bull market since than.

The american indexes are aproaching the ascendent line, and hopefully with the "solved" fiscal cliff issue, there will be a new rebound on the line, and we may see in the first quarter a break on the previous top in 2007.

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